#ElixirFashionMLChallenge Leaderboard

This topic is for keeping track of the current elixirfashionmlchallenge leaderboard.

For historical purposes, the initial leaderboard entry by Scott Mueller/meanderingstream was:

@seanmor5 wrote a Dockyard blog post, Join the Elixir FashionMNIST Challenge. I created a Livebook notebook that we can use to repeat his results, https://github.com/meanderingstream/dl_foundations_in_elixir/blob/main/ElixirFashionML_Challenge/fashion_mnist_sean_m.livemd

Sean improved upon the leaderboard.

  • 5 Epochs - 90.7%. [from blog post]
  • 20 Epochs - 91.1%
  • 50 Epochs - 90.9%