ElixirJobs - Elixir-oriented job board


ElixirJobs is a job board for Elixir/Erlang positions, open source and based on Elixir + Phoenix 1.3.0
The basic design is based on ElixirStatus, but with a different workflow implemented.

It’s basically a pet project done for the Elixir community, which is open to anyone who wants to contribute (Github repo)

Currently functionality

  • Post Elixir positions using Markdown
  • Show latest positions
  • Send them to Twitter (link) so you can follow the new opportunities on your TL.

New offers are currently approved manually to avoid user registration and/or SPAM.

Some TODOs in mind for the project:

  1. Ability to filter job offers
  2. Notification to moderators about new offers
  3. More and better testing

Of course, new ideas and improvements are more than welcome!

Go and check it out!


I would suggest creating daily mailing list about new job offers. I would definitely subscribe for that.


Great idea! It would be cool to filter jobs by location/remote.


@andreihod yeah! that’s one of the things some people ask for. I’ll definitively do that the first thing.

@krapans I’ve thought about that, but there are also other Elixir newsletters out there, and maybe integrating our data in their newsletter is easy than running one just for jobs (well, who knows, maybe not).


We have just landed search & filtering on the site!

Now you can search by text (for title/company/location/description) and by job type or place (the two badges on each offer). Also, the badges are clickable to allow quick searching :smile: .

When you search from the home page or click on a badge, the app shows a search results view with full filtering options.

Hope it fits good!


Great idea! There’re not other Elixir job boards out there! You’re the first in the world.

We have just added longer descriptions on offer detail pages and summary text for listings and searches!

Thanks to all the contributors that created PR this days for the project, you are awesome! :heart:


New version just released with:

As usual, code can be found on Github

Hope you like it!


@odarriba excellent work…that looks so much better

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