ElixirLS code navigation not working (Go To Definition/Implementation/References etc)

Hello guys!

I’m currently working on a project that uses elixir. I recently switched to VSCode, installed ElixirLS and had quite a few issues getting it to run properly.

My system:

  • Machine: MacBook Pro M3 Max
  • OS: Sonoma 14.1


  • Erlang Version: erlang 23.2.7
  • Elixir Version: elixir 1.13.4
  • OpenSSL version: 1.1

everything you see on that list was installed via brew/asdf.

I’m using ElixirLS v0.19.0. After fiddling around for some hours I finally got it to start. Previously it would crash because of the elixir version, openssl version and other reasons. Now it starts, but a lot of features don’t work:

  • Go To Definition
  • (Go To Implementation)
  • Go To References
  • Code-Completion on aliases

Are these features simply not supported or am I doing something wrong? Any help is super appreciated :wink:


All those features are supported. Please share a repo that reproduces your problems… Please attach ElixirLS logs, vscode extension logs and/or LSP trace messages.

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