ElixirLS crashing on Elixir 1.14.5

Usually ElixirLS on VSCode just runs fine without any intervention but for some reason it’s crashing on me today with Linux on a fresh Phoenix 1.7.3 project.

I’m using asdf to manage the language.

elixir 1.14.5-otp-26
erlang 26.0

Then asdf install, and the project runs fine.

Here’s the ElixirLS output: gist:39869a20225ef090b08ca1fb3fdc12e4 · GitHub

Not sure how to fix this problem.

Elixir 1.14.5 isn’t the problem, its OTP 26.


Thanks, I changed my .tool-versions file to these new versions as well as deleting my _build/ folder and now ElixirLS works as expected.

elixir 1.14.5-otp-25
erlang 25.0
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ElixirLS 0.15.1 is working with OTP 26.0.2+ (OTP still have problems on windows)

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