ElixirLs Debugger on VSCode getting :elixir_ls_expression_timeout

I’m trying to use ElixirLs Debugger on VSCode but once I drop a breakpoint inside a function and when I call it instead the debugger stop on the breakpoint I got:


on my Debug console.

Anyone else passed through that?

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Are you setting an expression and could that expression be taking longer than 1 second? Currently there’s a hard-coded timeout of 1 second for expressions.


Hey @axelson thanks for helping!

No, there’s not an expression that could be taking longer than 1 second.

I did a simple project from scratch and it happens again.

As you can see here: Dropbox - elixirlsdebuggererror.gif - Simplify your life

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hey @mingyar.furtado , are you able to solve the

:elixir_ls_expression_timeout issue , I am also facing the same issue.


Unfortunately not @Earth-43.

But, what I’m using on my daily basis to debug is:

IO.inspect() and IO.inspecting(binding())

I hope that helps you as it helps me!


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Just put up PR’s to make this configurable (and increases the default timeout to 10 seconds):

So this will be improved in the next release of ElixirLS


Thank you @axelson!

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