ElixirLuthier - A New Elixir Blog!

A luthier is known to make many stringed instruments such as violins, lutes, and guitars. We hope that we can aid in stringing together resources and examples of Elixir and thus provide a deeply valuable tool for the community.

Check out our blog at https://lute.io thank you!


Is it also a pun with https://www.elixirstrings.com/? :smiley:


Hi. Congrats on your blog. I hope you fill it in the future with plenty of interesting content. I certainty will keep an eye on it.

However I do have one some feedback for you:

Maybe it is just me but I find it very distracting when text is laid over a background image. In cases like this I have to really need the text to keep reading it. Otherwise I just close the tab. Personally I prefer the text over a monochrome background.

Update: Also in this page https://lute.io/epod-20170401/ the code font is way too big to fit in my 15’’ laptop.

BTW do you have any RSS link so I can add to feedly or some other way to be notified for new content?


Maybe :wink:, nah one of our founders is a lute player as well

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Thanks for the awesome feedback! We’ll definitely look into releasing an RSS feed and making the blog more readable, if you have any other suggestions you can contact us at info@lute.io

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Thanks for the awesome advice again, we have made our posts more readable by adding a white card background to them and made the code more readable on mobile. For example check out the Elixir Puzzle of the Day:


Im impressed with how snappy the website feel. It load fast, and every buttton I clicked is instant. Granted, it doesnt have many thing to render right now, but still, good job


I can’t add your blog to my feedly, do you have dedicated rss url?

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Just added https://lute.io/rss.xml :grinning:


Hello all!

We have recently updated to include a mailing list which we will use to send out updates and other Elixir info (don’t worry we won’t spam you and you can cancel at anytime). Thanks!

Sign up here:

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Big redesign of the Elixir-Luthier blog

The Elixir-Luthier team is happy to announce a big time redesign! In the new redesign you can submit your answers to puzzles for prizes and easily interact with other members of the community through comments. The new redesign is meant to be scalable and render fast on multiple devices!
Here’s a screenshot highlighting some of the new design features

If you enjoy the content that we put out on our blog please sign up for out mailchimp mailing list to receive newsletter content regarding our posts and events, don’t worry we don’t spam!

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Very nice, congrats !
Thought it was a pun with elixir strings as well :smiley:
oh well, that’s a good accidental pun after all

Best of luck!