Elm In Action MEAP now available

Can’t wait for it to be finished!


Thanks for the alert. I, too, can’t wait. I’ve been searching for a book and nothing seems to exist.



Just today & tomorrow! Save 50% on Elm in Action w/ code mlfeldmantw at

i.e. $20 instead of $39.99


That is fantastic! I’m buying it right now :slight_smile:


Thanks for post and the coupon code, just bought the pdf version. I love Elm and am excited to start using it.


I wonder how outdated the book will be when it’s released. Elm is still changing. I don’t foresee a stable API any time soon (the switch from signals to subscriptions was pretty big and that was only two months ago). The publish date for this book is Summer 2017, so who knows… might actually become stable by then.

It’s not that I doubt Richard Feldman. It’s just that I’ve bought MEAP (and other similar programs) books in the past and a good chunk of them were outdated in about six months after final release (one even had the balls to say that they will not be going back to rewrite some chapters even though it was still in the editing process… outdated on release day).

I’ve had slightly better luck with Learnpub authors. However, I’ve never written a book in my life, so I’m probably out of my element here.

I wish him good luck. Looking forward to it since Elm’s “An Introduction to Elm” is much too sparse. :slight_smile:


Thanks for code! Bought one :slight_smile:

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I think maybe people don’t actually appreciate how much time it takes :frowning: It’s unfortunate if you want to provide something of value to people and later other people think that you’re lazy or awful because you haven’t updated the things that were useful when you wrote them. Presently dealing with this with DailyDrip’s older Elixir content, and am presently slogging through literally months of effort to bring the DailyDrip Elm content up to date. I’ve not been seeing my 3 month old baby as much as I’d like because of it.

Books don’t pay much at all. Maybe don’t anticipate bad things out of Richard’s book. He’s working really hard to make it easy for people to get into Elm. I feel for Manning too, for what it’s worth, because it’s hard to find the right balance between updating things for people that are further behind and wasting your time on stuff no one needs to learn anymore!

I think my point is, your post feels like the part of capitalism that’s a little bit of a downer.


I bought this using the code. Excited to read!

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I said I was looking forward to his book (never said I was anticipating anything bad). In fact… I bought a copy myself. I was just stating how fast Elm (and other tech) is moving.

Good luck with your baby! :baby_bottle:

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Thanks for the tip! I bought it, too.

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As per newsletter the promotional code has been extended:

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Why so expensive at $39?

Quite sure Elixir in Action and The Little Elixir & OTP book were about $30.

Digital Pragprog books are $25.

I find Manning books are rarely updated so most certainly share @thinkpadder1’s concerns.


He works next to Evan - reading these tea leaves, almost certain that 1.0 is slated for Summer 2017!

Today (2016-08-31) Elm in Action (MEAP) is the Deal of the Day

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The code also works for:

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Those are my exact same thoughts for Programming Phoenix, I don’t know how many things have changed since they published the book, but for sure there are a couple.

Programming Phoenix has been updated a couple of times, and Programming Elixir was given an update for 1.2. I think PragProg is pretty good when it comes to updates for digital purchases.

About Elm in Action… it’s still MEAP and it has only three chapters. I’m sure by the time of final release it’ll be current to Elm at that point in time. Will it be obsolete two or three years after final release? Maybe, but so are most “learn this language” books, which is why I don’t buy many :slight_smile:

Elm in Action has the chance of being the Elm book—I hope they don’t drop it. The lack of “official” Elm resources is pretty bad (compare to PureScript).

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