ElRedis: A Distributed In-Memory Key/Value Store

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I’m learning Elixir and wanted to create a distributed application. I saw a similar project built in Scala and thought I’d try something similar in Elixir.

Short Excerpt from the README:

ElRedis is a distributed and parallel in-memory key value. ElRedis uses the Redis Serialization Protocol for communications over TCP to ensure compatibility with existing Redis client libraries. Every key/value pair in the cluster is an actor. Thus,the state of any key/value pair is stored in its actor and manipulated when it receives a message from another process. These key/value actors are distributed (sharded) across multiple ElRedis Nodes so that they can be manipulated concurrently.`

More: GitHub - SidakM/ElRedis: A distributed in-memory store that implements the Redis Protocol

I’m currently working on refactoring some of the duplicated and necessary code, implementing transactions as well as Publish and Subscribe commands.

Would love to get some feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does this mean, that you are building a competing product to redis and are using the same name as part of your product? Have you asked the people from the redis project whether this is ok?

Hey, I’m not trying to build a competing product. This is for my own learning and experimentation which is why I was looking for feedback on ways I could improve design or performance :slight_smile: