Empty response

I’d like to scrape a website but for some reason, HTTPoison gives me an empty body.

iex> HTTPoison.get(“http://www.origo.hu/contentpartner/rss/origoall/origo.xml”)
body: “”,
headers: [
{“Content-length”, “0”},
{“Location”, “https://www.origo.hu/contentpartner/rss/origoall/origo.xml”}
request: %HTTPoison.Request{
body: “”,
headers: [],
method: :get,
options: [],
params: %{},
url: “http://www.origo.hu/contentpartner/rss/origoall/origo.xml
request_url: “http://www.origo.hu/contentpartner/rss/origoall/origo.xml”,
status_code: 301

I tried it with HTTPotion too, the same result:
body: “”,
headers: %HTTPotion.Headers{
hdrs: %{
“content-length” => “0”,
“location” => “https://www.origo.hu/contentpartner/rss/origoall/origo.xml
status_code: 301

I checked the site, it is definitely not empty. I tried to fetch it with Nodejs and it works with that.

As far as I understand both of these clients use Hackney and there is an issue about this on the HTTPoisonGithub. But this issue is closed, so I guess this problem shouldn’t exist anymore?
Does anyone have any idea what should I do here?

So you are getting a 301 redirect, precisely you are being redirected from http:// to https://.

You can use just http:// in the original URL, or configure HTTPoison to follow redirects like this: https://github.com/edgurgel/httpoison/blob/3481d567adcb06d129dfec3c69aa87d1719f7a8b/test/httpoison_test.exs#L89-L103


OMG. Feel so stupid right now. Thank you so much! I don’t know how I missed the status code…

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That happens a lot, sometimes you just end up writing question or explain problem to someone and solution comes in, sometimes you actually need 2nd pair of eyes to spot obvious.