Enbala | Denver, CO/Vancouver, BC | Mid-to-Senior Engineer (Full Time) | Remote

Enbala | Denver, CO/Vancouver, BC | Mid-to-Senior Engineer (Full Time) | Remote

About us:

My name: Seth Messer
My position: Many hats
Company name: Enbala
Website: https://www.enbala.com
Country: USA/BC (North America)

Our products are leading the charge to a sustainable energy future by enabling global power grid operators to increase their usage of renewable energy. We were recently acquired by Generac.

About the job:

Job title: Mid-to-Senior Engineer
Salary range: Very competitive with the market
Position on remote work: Remote, prefer North America timezones or 4 hours of overlap as best as possible
Qualifications or experience required: Production experience with Elixir, at scale; bonus points for production Elm experience

What you’ll be working on:

We’re looking for pragmatic, and experienced engineers that can work harmoniously with a team, or, on their own. We are primarily distributed across North America and work in a mix of sync and async environments. We pair heavily, but also look to you, the engineer, to tackle stories and defects on your own. We are in an agile development cycle, so you would most certainly be interacting with product, leadership, and other engineers in various capacities.

We have a suite of Elixir apps and services. You’d be working across all of them, whether it be by adding new features, or by resolving defects. Our flagship product is an Elixir umbrella application, with an Elm front-end (minimal Phoenix involved, to bootstrap the Elm app). A GraphQL API ties the two edges of the application together. The API also provides endpoints to 3rd party developers and clients.

How to apply

If you have interest, please apply here: https://enbala.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=31

Once we review your CV and it, with your production experience, matches our expectations, we’ll move forward with a 20min phone call.

If you have any questions, please contact Ben Turner with all inquiries: bturner@enbala.com