Engineering Manager - Felt, Remote USA

Hi there! Are you interested in maps? If so then come help us build the best online, collaborative, and real-time online mapping software :world_map:. We’re a venture-backed startup that uses Elixir on the backend, React on the frontend with some Python sprinkled in here and there.

About us

My name: Jason Axelson
My position: Engineering Manager
Company name: Felt
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): USA
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

About the job

Job title: Engineering Manager
Salary range: Benchmarked at 75th percentile of early stage companies
Qualifications or experience required: You have 3+ years of management experience, either at a startup or a large company (some previous management experience is a requirement)
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Managing the app team at Felt, which is a combination of Elixir-focused and React-focused engineers.

Position on remote work

Remote job: yes (although we do have an office in Oakland that you’re welcome to work out of, but the majority of employees are fully remote)
Remote restrictions: USA and US timezones
Remote leeway: Possible leeway depending on the candidate

Further info
You’d be a good fit if:

  • You have a deep passion for empowering your team
  • You have an eye for taste, and hold yourself and team to a high standard for polish
  • You focus on delivering value to users first over everything else

You can see all of our benefits (such as 25 days PTO, and 401k matching) at Felt – Careers

Please apply by sending an email to with either your Resume, LinkedIn, or Github profile


Hi Jason, thanks for positing this! Felt seems very interesting, both because of the use of Elixir and the application domain. I have applied to Felt twice but have never heard back one way or another, not even a confirmation email that an application was received. Does Felt have a process to track and notify applicants?