Epidemic Mitigation with Elixir

Hope everybody is doing well and staying healthy.

I stumbled across an interesting paper about using Genetic Algorithms to mitigate the spread of infectious disease. With everything going on right now, I decided I wanted to explore how this worked.

I implemented the algorithm using genex (my own personal library :slight_smile: ) and libgraph.

You can find the project here: https://github.com/seanmor5/covid

I plan to do a blog post about this later.

The algorithm tells you which connections in the graph to eliminate. Physically, this would represent which people in the network need to stop interacting to prevent the spread of the disease.

I would love to hear any suggestions and feedback, as well as if you see any mistakes in the code. One thing I thought would be pretty cool is letting individuals connect their Facebook or something to an app that tells you which people to stop interacting with to stop the spread of COVID19. A pipe dream probably.