Erlang and Elixir version benchmark comparison

I like to follow as a Linux focused performance oriented blog. There is a great assortment of performance benchmarks between platforms and versions of a great deal of things. One frequently asked performance check is PHP vs HipHop VM and things like that.

It would be cool to follow the evolution of the Erlang BEAM VM much like Phoronix Test Suite does with many things. I am seeing a lot of HIPE performance PRs in Erlang OTP Github and some optimizations in elixir-lang/elixir but generally there is no automated performance comparison between versions. How much faster, memory consumption and things like have changed historically?

I don’t intend to make all core development performance oriented but this would benefit tracking regressions and might be worth for convincing of the stability of the platform (in terms of professionally tracking all aspects of the environment in each version).

Is there such a thing already? I know that Ericcson probably have this set internally but if there were such a public display it’d be nice.


If i remember correctly, this is one of the elixir subject for Google Summer of Code this year.