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We have a number of #official-blog-posts-thread /s so let’s add another for Erlang Blog Posts :003:

Please feel free to post any Erlang blog posts you come across that you think may be of interest to the community :023:


I wrote a blog post about my ten years in Erlang, hype phases, adoption, things that changed, and I believe some of the content in there will be relevant to Elixir folks trying to boost adoption:


I’ve been posting the ones on Erlang-Battleground on this thread, lately.
Not sure if I should add them here as well.


Generally it’s best to stick to one thread - either your blog’s dedicated thread, or one of the main ones like this one :023:

(As a side note, I am not completely happy with how we deal with blog posts on the forum atm, so we will be tweaking this at some point - watch this space :003:)

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Nice post! Heads to the ground; in the spirit of the erlang creators.

Which companies are using Erlang, and why? #MyTopdogStatus by Francesco Cesarini

Erlang was that badly kept secret. Many have heard of it, but few realise that it controls vast amounts of infrastructure, including the fixed and mobile networks we use on a daily basis.



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