.erlang.crypt not working for distillery release

i create .erlang.crypt like this

[{debug_info, des3_cbc, [], "12345"}].

run with this

ERL_COMPILER_OPTIONS='[encrypt_debug_info]' mix compile
iex -S mix


{:ok, {_, [{:abstract_code, {_, ac}}]}} = :beam_lib.chunks(:code.which(Elixir.Demo), [:abstract_code])
:io.fwrite("~s~n", [:erl_prettypr.format(:erl_syntax.form_list(ac))])

i can get the correct output.
but using distillery, i can not, here are the steps

i change the rel/config.exs to set erl_opts,

environment :prod do
  set erl_opts: "encrypt_debug_info"
  # set strip_debug_info: false
  set include_erts: true
  set include_src: false
  set cookie: :"[&J)D@ss/1:xNY3zm[&![fWf!{xt6y}F>QQdIqRjvV*RoNHLT10ILC}~Wwf6.vo6"
  set vm_args: "rel/vm.args"

but not working, when i input MIX_ENV=prod mix distillery.release --verbose, erl_opts is empty.

so i try to use method2


export ERL_COMPILER_OPTIONS='[encrypt_debug_info]'
MIX_ENV=prod mix distillery.release --verbose
_build/prod/rel/demo/bin/demo console
:beam_lib.chunks(:code.which(Elixir.Demo), [:abstract_code])
{:error, :beam_lib,

but my .erlang.crypt is ok, and if i do not use distillery, it is working fine, so is there any solution that i can fix it?