Erlang distribution updates - s_groups implemented with Kademlia? Are they targeting R20?



So I’ve watched the last update from the OTP team and the Scaling Distributed Erlang talk from Zandra Norman. It is my understanding from both talks that the OTP team is pursuing the Implementation of the Kademlia distributed algorithm to enhance the distribution protocol. Is that right and is it targeting R20?

But recently a PR to Erlang OTP got opened and closed almost instantly (and as explained by the person it was a mistake… been there done that :slight_smile:). It was a s_groups merge so I got confused. Sorry for the dumb question but s_groups is implemented with Kademlia? Are they targeting R20?



The new :global is now targeting OTP 21 iirc fro the last state of the union.

IIRC, no s_groups are not on the target for “default” OTP.