Erlang Ecosystem Foundation - a new non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the state of the art technologies based on the BEAM

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation is a new non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the state of the art for Erlang, Elixir, LFE, and other technologies based on the BEAM. Our goal is to increase the adoption of this sophisticated platform among forward-thinking organizations. With member-supported Working Groups actively contributing to libraries, tools, and documentation used regularly by individuals and companies relying on the stability and versatility of the ecosystem, we actively invest in critical pieces of technical infrastructure to support our users in their efforts to build the next generation of advanced, reliable, realtime applications.


Announcement on Twitter

Informational slides


The talk just got published :grinning:


This looks cool! I love seeing initiatives bringing the BEAM community closer together :023: and perfect timing now we have an Erlang/BEAM forum here :003:

Also was that @ferd? I was expecting him to be much older :icon_redface: (given all the Erlang books he’s written! :lol:)


Love this!

I especially love the focus on tools and language interoperability. My first experience with making benchee accessible to erlang users wasn’t too great. With new rebar3 improvements (as I understand them) I’d like to give that another shot.

Of course sharing success stories more getting more people onto the BEAM is :+1::+1::+1:


I am waiting for the announcement for the membership prices. I love idea and I would love to join the organisation.

The information about vampires and zombies in bylaws stole my heart.


Really excited for the foundation! Quick question, is there a target number of members for each working group? Or at least a ballpark size? 10? 50? (if the size is too large then it will probably become difficult to get work done)


What about start conversations with someone at Rakuten Group? Some companies related to the group are active users of Elixir such as Cabify and Pinterest, and the LeoFS project is funded by the Rakuten Institute of Technology.


Yes that was @ferd, he is really rather young considering all that he has done. And a wonderful guy!