Erlang Ecosystem Foundation Board Elections 2021

Are you interested in getting more involved with the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation? Maybe you’d like to help steer the community in new directions, or help drive it further. Maybe you think we could be doing things better. Or maybe what you really want to do is just to choose who you’d like to see doing that work.

In all cases, we come bearing good news for you. It is once again the time for the EEF board elections, and this is a great opportunity to make your voice heard, whether it is by running for a seat, learning about candidates, or making sure you can actually vote.

To know all the important dates, what a board member does, how to run, who might be replaced and by whom, head right away to Erlang Ecosystem Foundation - Supporting the BEAM community where we’ve put all the relevant information.

If you’re interested in running, you’ve got roughly a week to make your decision.

Have a pleasant weekend!


@AstonJ I’d appreciate not moving this only in the Erlang/BEAM subforum in a way that removes visibility from Elixir folks, we’re looking for as much representation from the whole community as we can here :frowning:

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It does not remove visibility Fred :smiley: I also pinned it - however I can revert all this if you prefer (just let me know).


thanks for the pin!