Erlang / Elixir clustering, mesh networks and multiple datacenters


Reading back Rick Reed’s interview on his work at Whatsapp, they have built wandist, a dist-like transport over gen_tcp, that consists of a mesh of the nodes that need to talk to each other and so provides transparent routing layer above pg2 to create a single hop routing dispatch system.

Is there any chance that wandist could be open sourced now that FB has acquired Whatsapp ? Is there any similar open source project that try to address the same issue ?

I have no immediate need for such system but I am genuinely curious on how people solve this.

Thanks in advance.

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Christopher S. Meiklejohn is working on an interesting project called Lasp, great tag line.

“Lasp is a suite of libraries aimed at providing a comprehensive programming system for planetary scale Elixir and Erlang applications.”


Thanks for the mention of Lasp, looks like an interesting and ambitious project. I was kinda hoping for a more down to earth solution above pg2 similarly to what wandist is doing.

It looks like however that could be used in place of pg2 and it seems to provide customizable cluster topology such as partisan_client_server_peer_service_manager which is what I would be looking for.

Mesosphere has also put a lot of work into running the BEAM at scale.