Erlang/Elixir developer at Arago GmbH (Germany, Full time, m/f/d)

Introductory paragraph

Arago is a leading artificial intelligence company that helps businesses automate their IT processes through intelligent automation. Its proprietary AI platform HIRO (Human Intelligence Robotically Optimized)™ uses reasoning and a knowledge-based problem-solving engine to deliver cutting-edge enterprise IT automation solutions to clients worldwide. Founded by renowned computer scientist Chris Boos, and based in Frankfurt and New York City, Arago is powering decision making for industry leading companies. Since 2014 leading global investment firm KKR has supported arago’s international expansion.

About us

My name: Dmitry Russ
My position: Backend Developer
Company name: Arago
Website: Arago – AI-based Business Process Automation | arago GmbH
Company info and history/(how you’re using Elixir etc)/: Reasoning subsystem, engine, is written in Elixir.

About the job

Job title: Elixir Developer
Job description: We need a software engineer who feels confident in their ability to build and develop further complex, scaleable Elixir backend.
Salary range: Discussed privately
Position on remote work: No, company offers relocation support.
Qualifications or experience required:

  • in-depth knowledge of functional programming in general and specificially the Elixir programming language
  • 3+ years of experience as professional software engineer
  • experience in designing/developing large, highly available and scalable backend applications
  • experience with (property-)graph databases is a big plus
  • experience with Erlang/OTP programming
  • experience in working with git in an agile team
  • experience with docker/containerized CIdeployment is a plus as well
  • excellent team working skills
  • a strong interest in the purpose of the product, not the code only
  • ability to document your designs, architectures and code

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Design, implement and test highly scalable platform and engine components for arago’s core product
  • Influence architecture and design of our engine and platform
  • Contribute ideas to implementing human behaviour and solution patterns into algorithms on our platform
  • Ensure robustness, security and enterprise compatibility of the cutting edge solution you are building

About the interview process

  • We have programming challenge (not in Elixir), which takes maximum 2 hours.
  • After that, we figure out the best time for a skype call (with Software Engineer and Head of department), we introduce ourselves, you introduce yourself, we chat and we have really small programming challenge for understanding how you work.
  • After that, we will figure out best time for onsite interview, where we introduce ourselves, company, you introduce yourself with Software Engineer, head of department and HR
  • After this follows an offer.

Further info

You can contact me directly (druss (at) or via Open Positions | arago GmbH. So direct contact to me is probably quicker at the moment.