Erlang & Elixir Factory - conference 23-24 March

Join us for a West Coast adventure in San Francisco: Erlang & Elixir Factory 23 - 24 March

Keynote speakers: Larry Wall, Chad Fowler, Joe Armstrong, Brian Troutwine.

Among the Elixir talks, you will: hear Elixir Core Team Member, Andrea Leopardi, on ‘How to Design a Software Library’ ; learn why making Elm apps with a Phoenix backend is the most productive software development experience in Josh Adams’ life; how to handle 'Billions of Events Per Day with Elixir’ from lead developer at eBay Danni Friedland,
and how to set up a supervised GenStage application to process data in flightPeter Hastie at Bleacher Report.

Early Bird tickets now on sale, save 25% on the standard price. Don’t forget to check ou the Elixir/OTP Bootcamp on 27-30 March. Find our more!


I’m going. Looking forward to meeting some people IRL.


Excellent, it’s going to be good!


I will be there as well