Erlang & Elixir Factory we had a blast! Welcome Code Sync!

You might noticed that our roster of global Erlang and Elixir conferences have been through a lot recently. On the eve of the tenth anniversary of our first event, we’re ready and excited for the next phase of our conferences. (FYI here Francesco shares a great photo of a few peeps back in 2006).

We’re excited to announce that from 2018, our conferences will sit under the new Code Sync banner. So now Erlang & Elixir Factory, Elixir.LDN, Code Mesh, Erlang User Conference, and Factory Lite are part of the same family of global conferences called Code Sync and being renamed as:

  • Code BEAM - Discovering the Future of the Erlang Ecosystem
  • Code BEAM Lites - Satellite conferences of Code BEAM
  • Code Elixir - Connecting the Elixir Community
  • Code Mesh - Exploring Alternative Tech

The creation of the Code Sync family of tech conferences is part of the commitment we have made to open our conferences to a wider audience and to spread the culture of ‘Learn. Share. Inspire.’ globally.

Each conference will retain its personality and stay true to our mission of creating the space for developers to come together as one global community to share their ideas & experiences, learn from one another and inspire to invent the future.

The very first Code Sync conference is Code BEAM SF taking place in San Francisco on 15-16 March; followed by Code BEAM Lite on 6 April in Milan and Code BEAM STO on 31 May and 1 June in Stockholm. And we have some discounted ticks for all Elixir Forum members :raised_hands:

[Shared by Magda]


Do you guys ever plan anything in DC :)? DC metro is in top 3 by the number of software eng. in US and yet for some reason no cool conferences are ever in DC.


Why not? :wink: The beauty of Code BEAM Lite one-day conferences is that we co-organise them with the local communities, so if there is anyone interested in doing so in DC… Give us a shout!