[Erlang] Erlang in Anger (free)

by Fred Hebert

This book intends to be a little guide about how to be the Erlang medic in a time of war. It is first and foremost a collection of tips and tricks to help understand where failures come from, and a dictionary of different code snippets and practices that helped developers debug production systems that were built in Erlang.

###About the Author
Fred Hebert is the author of Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!, a free online (also paid for, on paper) book designed to teach Erlang. He worked as a principal member of technical staff on Heroku’s routing components, helping design, program, maintain, and operate large scale distributed systems in the cloud, more often than not written in Erlang.



This book is equally important for elixir. It is how to find and fix performance problems in the erlang beam in production environments.