[Erlang] Introduction to Erlang Programming

By @elbrujohalcon

Course Overview

There is a language that powers 90% of all Internet traffic. It’s also the language behind some extremely successful and widely distributed applications, like WhatsApp, Bet365, and more. It’s a very unique language that runs on one of the most powerful virtual machines in existence. But there are not enough developers in the world that know it. Now, you can be one of them.

Erlang (that language) and the BEAM (its virtual machine) are designed to let you develop and maintain sophisticated distributed systems with high demands in terms of scalability and reliability without requiring a Masters’s degree in Computer Science or Engineer to write your code. Erlang is also a functional programming language, where concepts such as pattern-matching and high-order functions will open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities.

Are you interested in achieving this level of knowledge? Then this is the course for you!

After these classes, you’ll be able to build a system that uses functional concurrent programming to achieve scalability and reliability while still being easy to understand, debug, and maintain.

What You Will Learn

  • How to write sequential code in Erlang using functional programming?
  • A great way to do Test-Driven Development in Erlang using only pattern-matching.
  • How to create processes and exchange information between them using messages?
  • The multiple ways of handling and dealing with errors to ensure reliability.
  • How abstraction and encapsulation work in a concurrent functional programming language?

Video overview:



Looks like a great course for anyone interested in learning Erlang!

Brujo is giving away 5 copies over on EFS if anyone is interested…