Erlang libraries in mix release

Hi all!

I’m building a app that depends of some Erlang libraries that ultimately depends on the erl_syntax Erlang library. (FWIW erleans → partisan)

Doing a mix release doesn’t seem to include Erlang syntax_tools, showing:

Application partisan exited: :partisan_app.start(:normal, []) returned an error: 
{:error, {:undef, [{:erl_syntax, :atom, [:module], []}, 
{:partisan_mochiglobal, :term_to_abstract, 3, [file: ...

Question is: how can I include the needed parts of the Erlang library in the release?


Try including :syntax_tools under :extra_applications, inside def application in your mix.exs.


Good idea, but unfortunately no luck.

Since this is for a container, I think what I’ll try next is to include Erlang in the image and include the library path where needed.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Ah, found the solution: syntax_tools needs to be added in mix.exs under releases:

defp releases do
 [ my_app: [
    applications: [my_app: permanent, syntax_tools: :none]
  ] ]