Checking several uptime services, it seems is down. Does anybody know anything about it? is up - and resolves to different address than - so probably some dns issue…

Yeah but not the /doc space. When I try to visit it redirects to and it still fails to load with a timeout eventually.

Yes, they announced on the erlang-questions mailing list there would be maintenance.


Maybe erl -man counters could help in the meantime.

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Thanks! I’d consider automatically cross-posting such announcements to ElixirForum – if it’s more or less easily achievable of course.

No manual entry for counters

I guess asdf doesn’t do it by default. :expressionless:

asdf uses kerl ( under the hood. To install man pages you may have to set the env variable KERL_INSTALL_MANPAGES. You can also install html with KERL_INSTALL_HTMLDOCS.

There are some caveats I think but it should all be documented on the kerl github page.


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