Erlang OTP 19 on OS X

What do you guys generally use to say up to date with Erlang releases. I’ve been using Erland and Elixir installed via Homebrew.

This seems great for Elixir new versions are up on Homebrew for update withing a day or so of being released.

I’ve been waiting to update my Erlang install to v19 now for a while. I seems that the Erlang distribution is very slow to update on Homebrew.

How do you guys keep up to date on Erlang installs?


I’m using homebrew as well on my Mac, just like you I wanted to try out OTP 19 but it wasn’t available yet on homebrew. There is already a merge request available for OTP 19, I just pulled that and built it from source.

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Being lazy I use quality installers Erlang Solutions provides


I installed it via kerl. My ~/.kerlrc file looks like this:

KERL_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS="--without-javac --with-ssl=/usr/local/opt/openssl --enable-wx --enable-darwin-64bit"

These setting is relevant if you have homebrew installed in /usr/local and you have both the openssl and the wxmac packages installed.

BTW, I think the man pages setting is default anyway.

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Let me add that while documented it might not be immediately obvious that kerl supports builds from a local repository. So one can simply update the already cloned otp repo (E.g. git fetch && git rebase origin/master) and then issue:

kerl build git path/to/my/local/otp-repo OTP-19.0.1 r19.0.1
kerl install r19.0.1

This saves downloading the whole repository per build.

Also you might want to add . <installdir>/activate to you shell profile if you mostly would use the latest build.