Erlang Solutions packages for Ubuntu 20.04

Since the release of OTP 24 (Yay!) my Ubuntu 20.04 systems have been updating to use the latest esl-erlang package from the Erlang Solutions repository:


However the latest Elixir package available is version 1.11.2 from 2020-11-03:


When looking at the Elixir/Erlang compatibility information it seems that Elixir version 1.11.4 is the minimum requirement for OTP 24.

I’m not really sure if this is the right place to ask the question, but is the Erlang Solutions repository still being updated? If so, is Elixir 1.11.2 the newest package available because something is preventing the newer versions from running properly on Ubuntu 20.04?

If the newest version of Elixir that can run on Ubuntu 20.04 is 1.11.2 would it make sense for that package to indicate OTP 23 is required in its dependencies so OTP 24 is not installed?

Also, thank-you to Erlang Solutions for hosting the Debian Packages! It’s a great contribution to the community :slight_smile:

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If you wanna play safe, I’d advise against using the ESL repo for now, while they’re fixing bugs and updating elixir .deb files.

You can always use asdf to control the exact erlang and elixir versions you need.

Ran into a few incompatibility problems with mix release using the latest versions on the ESL repo.

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I’ve recently joined Erlang Solutions and my first task is to work on the packaging system, particularly getting erlang 24.0 builds out. Those are now done but the Elixir ones are not. This should be rectified today. Going forward expect to see more timely updates.


Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Cool! Thanks for responding so quickly. I’m looking forward to updated packages :slight_smile:

amd64 binaries are pushed for all distros, doing arm64 now.


Thanks for your hard work at ESL. More companies should follow the example when helping the community at broad.

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No problem. I’ll update when arm64 goes out. If anyone here wanted to try out elixir 1.11.4 on am64 I’d love to hear that it’s working for you.

ok, think we’re all set. the centos 7 build encountered issues so I’ve skipped it for today.

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1.12.0 packages released.

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Thanks for getting the 1.12.0 packages out. But I started running into this dependency issue while trying to install on Ubuntu 20.04:

2021-05-20T15:16:18.8927051Z 2021-05-20 15:16:18 (25.2 MB/s) - ‘elixir_1.12.0-1~ubuntu~focal_all.deb’ saved [4122932/4122932]
2021-05-20T15:16:18.9918555Z Selecting previously unselected package elixir.
2021-05-20T15:16:25.7437668Z (Reading database ... 254809 files and directories currently installed.)
2021-05-20T15:16:25.7562204Z Preparing to unpack elixir_1.12.0-1~ubuntu~focal_all.deb ...
2021-05-20T15:16:25.7625925Z Unpacking elixir (1.12.0-1) ...
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1302441Z dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of elixir:
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1304129Z  elixir depends on erlang-base (>= 1:24.0) | erlang-base-hipe (>= 1:24.0) | esl-erlang (>= 1:24.0); however:
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1305492Z   Package erlang-base is not installed.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1306376Z   Package erlang-base-hipe is not installed.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1307492Z   Version of erlang-base-hipe on system, provided by esl-erlang:amd64, is <none>.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1308489Z   Version of esl-erlang on system is 1:23.3.1-1.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1309537Z  elixir depends on erlang-crypto (>= 1:24.0) | esl-erlang (>= 1:24.0); however:
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1310590Z   Package erlang-crypto is not installed.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1311601Z   Version of erlang-crypto on system, provided by esl-erlang:amd64, is <none>.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1312602Z   Version of esl-erlang on system is 1:23.3.1-1.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1313540Z  elixir depends on erlang-inets (>= 1:24.0) | esl-erlang (>= 1:24.0); however:
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1314548Z   Package erlang-inets is not installed.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1315596Z   Version of erlang-inets on system, provided by esl-erlang:amd64, is <none>.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1316535Z   Version of esl-erlang on system is 1:23.3.1-1.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1317518Z  elixir depends on erlang-ssl (>= 1:24.0) | esl-erlang (>= 1:24.0); however:
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1318673Z   Package erlang-ssl is not installed.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1319644Z   Version of erlang-ssl on system, provided by esl-erlang:amd64, is <none>.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1320616Z   Version of esl-erlang on system is 1:23.3.1-1.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1321629Z  elixir depends on erlang-syntax-tools (>= 1:24.0) | esl-erlang (>= 1:24.0); however:
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1322710Z   Package erlang-syntax-tools is not installed.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1323908Z   Version of erlang-syntax-tools on system, provided by esl-erlang:amd64, is <none>.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1325117Z   Version of esl-erlang on system is 1:23.3.1-1.
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1326388Z dpkg: error processing package elixir (--install):
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1327276Z  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
2021-05-20T15:16:26.1333456Z Processing triggers for man-db (2.9.1-1) ...
2021-05-20T15:16:27.1029751Z Errors were encountered while processing:
2021-05-20T15:16:27.1030734Z  elixir
2021-05-20T15:16:27.1069615Z ##[error]Process completed with exit code 1.

PS: the error above only happens some of the times, so it might be a package on a specific server that’s causing the issue. Here is the prelude to the error above, in case that helps:

2021-05-20T18:24:02.5044166Z --2021-05-20 18:24:02--
2021-05-20T18:24:02.6482756Z Resolving (,,, ...
2021-05-20T18:24:02.6723306Z Connecting to (||:443... connected.
2021-05-20T18:24:02.7943355Z HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
2021-05-20T18:24:02.7944533Z Length: 4122932 (3.9M)
2021-05-20T18:24:02.7946938Z Saving to: ‘elixir_1.12.0-1~ubuntu~focal_all.deb’
2021-05-20T18:24:02.8236358Z      0K .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........  1% 1.67M 2s
2021-05-20T18:24:02.8437553Z     50K .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........  2% 2.43M 2s

Thanks! The issue seems to have gone away :grin: