Erlang Solutions top 10 Elixir talks of 2017 so far

  • GenStage and flow - José Valim
  • Transforming programming - Dave Thomas
  • Leveling up your Phoenix Projects with OTP - Nico Mihalich
  • Taking Elixir to the Metal with Rust - Sonny Scroggin
  • ElixirConf EU 2017 Keynote - José Valim
  • Elixir and Money - Tomasz Kowal
  • Phoenix 1.3 - Chris McCord
  • Phoenix: an Intro to Elixir’s Web Framework - Sonny Scroggin
  • Can Elixir Bring Down Phoenix? - Ben Marx
  • Elixir vs. Ruby fight - wroc_love.rb panel

Links and more details here:


Just watched the Ruby vs Elixir fight :lol: and have to say that @michalmuskala and @hubertlepicki came across as brilliant ambassadors :023:

I found it incredibly interesting and it’s given me some good ideas to include in the blog post I want to do (which I hope to write once I’ve finished learning Elixir and Phoenix).


Just started watching:

He starts by thanking many respected figures in the programming community, and says many are grey bearded oldies (shows picture of Gandalf), then after saying these people kinda know what they’re talking about, goes on to say:

What tends to happen over time is that these old people, get new people come along.

You might want to think about this (points at slide) as Erlang and Elixir…

And the problem for the Erlang folks, is that Elixir currently has the ring :lol:


Looks like another must-see talk from Dave :003: