Erlang support email address?

At the bottom of Erlang’s xref man page, I found “Hans Bolinder -”. However, when I tried sending email to that address, I was told that the subdomain doesn’t exist. Any suggestions about the best way to reach Hans (or whoever) with questions and comments?

Those are some rather old docs you’re looking at. (The copyright notice is 1991-2000.)

These are the current docs.

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Not sure about a support email but there are various ways to reach them via their community page: Community - Erlang/OTP :023:

Problem is, these all appear to be public forums. I was hoping to send some sort of private message.

I’m not sure many OS projects offer email support for questions or comments Rich :lol: but if you think something should only be said in private you could try PM’ing a core team member and asking them where the most appropriate place might be? Chances are they will direct you to one of their standard support channels but if you feel it’s something that should not be said in public that sounds like the best option :blush:

I think I got on the track of sending a private message because the page contained a name and email address. That said, there’s no strong reason I can’t post my comments and questions to an Erlang forum (once I sign up…).

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