Erlcron with nerves, unable to keep correct date, time runs accelerated

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the erlang erlcron library as a scheduler in Nerves.
Erlang version 23.0.3, Elixir version 1.10.4-opt-23.
Hardware: Raspberry PiZero
Target: rpi (non OTG needed)

Timed calls (call function foo every x minutes or hours) work.

When you ask to perform a function at a certain time and / or date, things no longer work.

By asking date and time to erlcron you can see that time flows at a speed higher than the real one.

Calls to the erlcron function: datetime (). done in a few seconds, they show that hours and days have passed instead of seconds.

Has anyone stumbled upon the same anomaly and found a way to solve it?

Thank you.