Erlport ModuleNotFound Error :python, :"builtins.ModuleNotFoundError", 'No module named 'sloth_connect''


I am using ErlPort to connect to python module in my Elixir project. It was working all fine coupleof days back. But surprisingly it stopped working and throwing the following error.

ErlangError) Erlang error: {:python, :"builtins.ModuleNotFoundError", 'No module named 'sloth_connect'', [' File "/mnt/c/Users/project/_build/dev/lib/erlport/priv/python3/erlport/", line 225, in _incoming_call\n f = **import**(mod, {}, {}, [objects[0]])\n', ' File "/mnt/c/Users/project/_build/dev/lib/erlport/priv/python3/erlport/", line 233, in _call_with_error_handler\n function(*args)\n']}
(erlport 0.10.1) /mnt/c/Users/project/deps/erlport/src/erlport.erl:234:

I don’t have expertise in python, but trying to set project path to PYTHONPATH, but no luck.
Please guide me how to resolve this issue.

P.S : This issue occurs when I switch the branch and again come back to the branch containing this code.