Erlsom compile_xsd_file/2 function error

I’m having some problems with the correct form of the options for the compile_xsd_file/2 function.
Get an “undefined function include_dirs/0” error.

Here’s my code
{:ok, xsdModel} = :erlsom.compile_xsd_file(xsdFile, [{include_dirs, [xsdDir]}])

Has anyone a working example using the options. I’m using Phoenix.

Also, cannot get any of the examples used in the to work on iex. Complains about the syntax. Any tutorial example showing the correct form for using the console with erlsom welcomed.


Learning - slowly …

In terms of the example commands these work with Elixir (because they’re the correct language ha, ha!)

${:ok, mybinary} = (“minimal.xml”)
${:ok, mybinary} = :file.read_file (“minimal.xml”)
${:ok, mybinary} = “minimal.xml”

What really did throw me was because I started with the erroring:

${:ok, Xml} = :file.read_file (“minimal.xml”)

Capitalised (BumpyCase) names represent modules, records, protocols and behaviours not binaries.