Error adding surface to phoenix project

Phoenix and Elixir newbie here. Apologies for real noob question.
Learning Elixir and attempting to build some Phoenix apps - thought I would try out Surface components and ran into an error adding surface as a dependency.

When I add {:surface, β€œ~> 0.6.0”} to the deps and do mix deps.get I get the attached error.

So if I understand it right, surface does not work with the current versions of live_view??
Any pointers you can provide would be appreciated.

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 10.25.38 AM

That’s right. You could downgrade to 0.5.3 version for the phoenix live dashboard.

A PR to allow Surface to support Phoenix LiveView 0.17 was recently merged

But it hasn’t been released yet. As a workaround you could either downgrade Phoenix LiveView, but instead I would recommend using {:surface, github: "surface-ui/surface"} to pull in the current master branch until a new release is made.


Thank you.

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