Error helper `error_tag/2` deprecated?

Quick question.

I have been reading up on using forms in LiveView. I come across the error_tag/2 function often (for example in this 2022 article by Sophie DeBenedetto) but in the latest official documentation I cannot find any mention of it.

Is error_tag/2 deprecated?

error_tag was always part of your app. So you can just add something that does the same to your app. IIRC it was just an error string wrapped in a span tag.

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Yes, I believe it used to be injected into any project scaffolded with mix new, inside ErrorHelpers.ex. I reckon that it has been removed from the mix new boilerplate code, in favour of the error/1 function component that’s part of the core components? Which also basically also just a wrapper.

Yes, that tracks!

It’d be nice if all bloggers led off with the versions of stack they’re using :slight_smile:

The 1.7 release at the start of 2023 was a big change: components and verified routes involved a lot of changes to the view templates. So you’re going to need to account for that when reading any blog from 2022 or earlier. The official changelog is a great source of lots of information about those changes.

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Awfully off topic, but would you ever say “yes” to being on Lex Fridman’s podcast?

N.B., I have no ties to him. But I like the idea of being able to tune into a long form, uncut interview.

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Sure! My arm appreciates as many breaks as possible, especially long ones. :slight_smile:

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