Error installing Phoenix: Installation ended prematurely because of an error

Hello friends, I am trying to downlaod Phoenix on PC. But I am having problem while installing the software. I came across this unknown error message “Installation ended prematurely because of an error.” I dont know what could be the issue. Could anyone please help me to fix it?

Which operating system? How are you installing Erlang and Elixir?

This is a generic error message from Windows Installer, the problem could be lots of things (from permissions issues to low disk space).

When you run the installer, does it create a log file in C:\TEMP or similar places? The MS docs suggest that a file named MsiNNNNNNN.log might be created.

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Thank you so much for approving the post. Its my Windows 11 PC. But I have succeeded to install the software and this article really helped me to solve the issue.

The things which I have done, first I reregistered the Windows installer service and VBScript.dll. After doing the tasks properly, the problem got solved. There was no issues while installing the software. Now I am working well on this. :blush:

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