"error" message when running mix phx.server

Context: I installed phoenix and created a new project, apparently the project is ok, I did everything following the tutorial of a course I’m doing.

When I try to give the command “mix phx.server” in the terminal, the following message appears:
"Mix) The task “phx.server” could not be found
Note no mix.exs was found in the current directory"

The operating system I use is ubuntu. I didn’t do anything different from the tutorial.

Hello and welcome,

Probably You forgot to cd into the application directory, as this message seems to indicate…

By the way it would be a good idea to mention which course You follow.


Thank you for your help! when we’re learning anything that doesn’t go as expected seems like a giant mistake.

The course I’m taking through udemy, but I’m Brazilian and the course is in Portuguese. I believe there is something offered in English on the platform.

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