Error module name in object code is Elixir



maybe APFS (encrypted) is the smoking gun, that’s the moment when it started for me.
on my old laptop, no problemo, when I transferred to my new laptop (with APSS enc. and Mojave) the firework started.


There is, it uses it for autocomplete and real-time error checking and so forth.

Interesting, does this hold true for everyone else? What’s unique about how APFS works in regards to program interaction compared to, say, EXT4 or so?


I’m also using APFS Encrypted as my file system!

For the IDE, I’m using VSCode with the plugin vscode-elixir. From what I understand, this plugin does not compile automatically, since the docs say:

Autocomplete/Intellisense is implemented using the wonderful ElixirSense project. For the auto complete to work properly, you will have to recompile your source code from time to time (using mix compile ) for it to pick up the latest changes to your source code.


are you on the latest Mojave 10.14.3? I haven’t seen the error for a while …


I am! I don’t recall seeing the error in quite some time either but I’m not able to reproduce it consistently so I wouldn’t know if the update fixed it. The patch notes aren’t quite expressive either…


I am using Mojave 10.14.3 too, still seeing the errors.