Error tag for datetime_select not rendered in LiveView-template

Hello, I am trying to get real time validation for a datepicker, but for some reason there is no error tag in the HTML Document.

<%= datetime_select @f, :ends_at, builder: &builder/1 %>
<%= error_tag_live(@f, :ends_at) |> IO.inspect() %>
  def error_tag_live(form, field) do, field), fn error ->
      content_tag(:span, translate_error(error),
        class: "help-block",
        data: [phx_error_for: input_id(form, field)]

If there is an error message it print an error tag, as expected

  safe: [
      [32, "class", 61, 34, "help-block", 34],
      [32, "data-phx-error-for", 61, 34, "event_ends_at", 34]
    "The stream cannot end before it started",

The error-message however is nowhere to be seen in the HTML-document.

datetime_select doesn’t return a tag with id “event_ends_at”, but multiple others like “event_ends_at_minute”.
Could it be that LiveView removes an error tag, if no corresponding id was found?

I have an error tag with the name :name in the same file. which prints a similar tag in the console and renders perfectly fine.

To be clear, it sounds like you have another input+label for the same :ends_at fields? If you have duplicate inputs with the same name, then you need to choose different input names as the form will not respect both. If you were only saying you have other input names which work fine, but date inputs are the issue, then it sounds like a potential date input bug. Let me know. Thanks!

Maybe I worded it strange. This is what I meant:

<%= text_input @f, :name, class: "sm-form-control required ", placeholder: "Enter name here" %>
<%= error_tag_live(@f, :name) # renders %> 

<%= datetime_select @f, :ends_at, builder: &builder/1 %>
<%= error_tag_live(@f, :ends_at) # doesn't render %>

I played a little bit around. It turns out the tag will render, if I remove data: [phx_error_for: input_id(form, field)] from error_tag_live/2.