Error unexpected token: “” (column 1, codepoint U+0000) when making file changes with a code editor

Whenever I make a change to a file using Atom or VSCode, I’m getting the following error:


** (SyntaxError) config/dev.exs:57: unexpected token: “:” (column 12, codepoint U+003A)

However if I make an identical edit with Vim, it works as expected. Has anyone else ran into anything like this?


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You don’t see a colon in the file on line 57? 3A is hex format for the decimal number 58, which if you look on an ascii chart is a colon. It’s a printable character so a text editor should display it.

It’s a config file for the database though, so there should be a colon, right? All I did was change the string for the database name. If I make the same edit in Vim, it works fine, but if I use Atom or VS Code, I get that error.

I switched to a Ubuntu 18.04 box in Vagrant and the issue no longer occurs.