Error when running Livebook on Windows

I installed Livebook latest version on Windows 11, and it fails at launch:


Mentioning that I don’t have another instance of Elixir/Erlang on the OS, it’s a fresh new laptop. Even stranger that I don’t even have a D drive.
Unistalled it, re-installed, in different locations, several times - no luck, same issue.

You might file an issue in the Livebook repository: GitHub - livebook-dev/livebook: Interactive and collaborative code notebooks for Elixir - built with Phoenix LiveView

They have been responsive when I’ve filed issues there for getting things working in Windows.

Yes, I will,
The issue is related only to the Windows release v0.7.2.
I’ve installed the v0.7.1 and works beautifully.

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please, i still dont understand, can you tell me whats the problem, i still have that error