Error with Yamerl

Hello guys, has anyone ever encountered this kind error with yamerl ?. I’m trying to setup a CD, but I’m having trouble with the following output:


* Getting meck (Hex package)
* Getting bunt (Hex package)
===> Compiling parse_trans
===> Compiling mimerl
===> Compiling yamerl
##[error]/home/runner/work/podnation/podnation/deps/yamerl/include/internal/yamerl_constr.hrl:45: Warning: record unfinished_node has field(s) without type information
##[error]/home/runner/work/podnation/podnation/deps/yamerl/include/internal/yamerl_constr.hrl:52: Warning: record node_anchor has field(s) without type information


Does your build fail because of that? Or is it just printed?

If it’s just printed, you can’t fix it, but might be worth a bug report upstream.

If your build fails because of that, try to build without :warnings_as_errors if that helps.

AFAIK will the :warnings_as_errors option - --warnings-as-errors on the CLI - only fail when you have warnings in your current project.

I’ve just tested it locally with a project where we also use yamerl and we see the same warnings but the build doesn’t fail.


Yeah, warnings as errors should not affect building of dependencies. But it was not clear for me what is actually the problem, therefore I just suggested to try.

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Thank for the help, it has been solved. Apparently someone added a wrong configuration that could not be handled by the CI runner. Thanks again for checking this issue.

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