Escript changes behavior of functions?

I am new to elixir and I decided to learn it by writing a small CLI app for personal use. I use the OptionParser module to parse the passed parameters, so I have this function:

      def main(arguments) do
        |> execute_function

      defp execute_function(["run" | params]) do
        IO.inspect params
        {opts,a,b}= OptionParser.parse(
          aliases: [d: :db_name],
          switches: [db_name: :string])
        |> IO.inspect

if i call it from iex:

iex(1)> Potion.CLI.main(["run", "-d", "test", "--dev=qweb,xml"])
["-d", "test", "--dev=qweb,xml"]
{[db_name: "test", dev: "qweb,xml"], [], []}
{[db_name: "test", dev: "qweb,xml"], [], []}

everything is fine and works as expected. If i build it with escript though:

$ rm -rf potion && mix
Generated escript potion with MIX_ENV=dev

$ ./potion run -d test --dev=xml,qweb
["-d", "test", "--dev=xml,qweb"]
{[db_name: "test"], [], []}

So the question is: is it a bug or am I missing something?

Elixir - 1.7.3
erlang-nox - 21.1.3

Okay, after a little bit of research and docs reading - OptionParser says that this behaviour can be possible here
so passing the key allow_nonexistent_atoms solves the issue I had. Can be locked and marked as answered. I am sorry :frowning:


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