ESL still preffered way to install?

Is the Erlang Solutions repository still the preferred way to install Elixir on Ubuntu/Debian ( Installing Elixir - The Elixir programming language )? The reason I ask is because the repository for Elixir specifically seems to be delayed. There is no regularly announced public cadence (that I have seen) at ESL? ESL is still on Elixir version 1.13.0 but they have just release Erlang 24.3.2 so there is some sort of mismatch which makes me question Elixir’s continued support. Does ESL still plan on maintaining versions of Elixir or should I start compiling and managing an independent repository? Also, just to be really clear, I’m not blaming or pointing fingers at anyone, everyone has changing priorities. I just want an answer so that I can start prepping for what comes next. Thank you!


For .deb based distros ESL remains the recommended way.
Being Ubuntu LTS the favorite among VPS vendors/docker images you’ll have more documentation about bugs and implementation details if you use that repo.

But if you’re using an Elixir/Erlang version/combination not available at ESL, then asdf could be a nice solution. You can specify which Elixir and Erlang combination to work with, and even apply that on a per project basis.

Here’s a list clarifying the support for such combinations. Compatibility and Deprecations — Elixir v1.13.3


Unfortunately asdf requires a bit of work to use in prod environments regarding our current compliance posture but yes, it is an awesome tool and in active use for development! If I were to realistically maintain versions, I’d need to make sure they’re compiled against the erlang version in use then package it up into a .deb that would be pulled in from artifactory on a build box. I’d like to avoid it if possible since ESL has been awesome so far and they’ve done all that work for the community!

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I don’t know much about how ESL works as a company. They recently announced a rebranding and refocus initiative, but I don’t see any red flags concerning opensource and community efforts.

Neither do I, I’ll be patient. It would be nice to have publicly announced/regularly scheduled release cadences but it’s probably harder to achieve than what I’m thinking. I’m just being selfish.

Another erlang update and yet no elixir update, not trying to be annoying but would like a genuine response on release cadence if this is really the continued solution for elixir releases on ubuntu.

I’d just compile from source. Erlang is not Java; it is compile-able by mere mortals.

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This is what I do in production, just fresh compile erlang (and elixir) in the container with the app.

Try pinging them by email or Twitter.