ETS from file2tab can't insert or delete_object

In my program I had 2 ets tables both public with below definition. One being set and other being bag data type., [
          read_concurrency: true,
          write_concurrency: true

I store the ets to disk at regular interval using the tab2file/2 and then read back using file2tab/2 anytime I restart the application and no issues reading and writing to the ets and saving and restoring.

Initially the ets were being initialized by a process managing connection to slack. The issue happened on the bag type ets where I couldn’t insert and delete_object and get argument error when I switched the ets to its own GenServer for managing as everytime the slack websocket connection would break the slack process restarts causing the ets to get cleared and reload from file. In the new setup after reading the ets from file2 tab saved by old setup using tab2file I can do incr on the set type ets. I didn’t find any documentation indicating that an ets table written by a process or type of process can not be read/moved to another process for bag or any other ets type. I couldn’t reproduce the same issue on my local with the same design as I could insert and delete_object locally. Had to remove the tab on file to create fresh ets to resolve the issue.
Would like to understand what could have caused this as they were public tables it should be able to insert and delete_object from any process(es) ?