Etso — Ecto 3 adapter allowing use of Ecto schemas held in ETS tables

Hi, Etso has recently reached version 1, with Ecto 3.8+ compatibility.

Etso is an ETS adapter, allowing you to use Ecto schemas with ETS tables.

Hex / GitHub

Within this library, a bare-bones Ecto Adapter is provided. The Adapter transparently spins up ETS tables for each Ecto Repo and Schema combination. The tables are publicly accessible to enable concurrency, and tracked by reference to ensure encapsulation. Each ETS table is spun up by a dedicated Table Server under a shared Dynamic Supervisor.

Changes from the initial version include:

• Added support for Ecto 3.8.3
• Added support for order_by
• Added support for parallel preloads

See this test to understand its capabilities.


:fire: nice! :fire:

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Just giving this a whirl now — very nice work indeed. Thanks!

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Congratulations! I’ve been looking for something like this forever, so I can use the same schema in a pass-through cache from an ETS repo to a PG one.

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