EU Article 13 - AKA the Internet Censorship Machine

In short

Copyrights - no matter if you (as author) even care …

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How other people see this

  1. Some people wants money for even small part of their work totally forgetting about all rules of how currently known internet is working (for example linking). Title is important part of article. Title is usually added to links. In result someone needs to ask and/or pay someone for adding links, quotes, screenshots etc.

  2. Censoring algorithm (like in Facebook and YouTube) needs to be added to lots of services (mostly for those where people are sharing links, quotes, images, videos and other media). In result small services with simply fall, because creating such algorithm is really expensive. Also there are no fully properly working algorithms.


  1. no game play videos - because it’s sharing parts of game
    simplest example to imagine are cutscenes

  2. no guides/tutorial videos
    ok, maybe only audio (without music) or text only without proper names (which are small part) and quotes

  3. no memes and other caricatures
    simplest example to imagine are funny (fail/win) compilation

  4. no quotes

  5. no reviews - ok maybe audio only

  6. different links

Imagine that now all wikis sites (images, quotes etc.), search engines (link + title + quote), videos with music (at least part of it) in background and tons of funny and useful materials are illegal.

It’s at least conflicting with Polish law about quoting.

In Poland, the right to quote allows quotation of excerpts of works and small works as a whole, provided that this is justified by teaching, review, explanation or caricatural motivation.


Yep this is very worrying, and pretty insane that it was only voted on by 15 MEPs. Article 11 (the ‘linktax’) was just as insane too!

Here are some more resources:

Hopefully it will be rejected with votes in the European Parliament - but pressure needs to be kept on MEPs.


Really thank you. I’m not good in law topic, so it will be definitely helpful.

Do you think that this forum will have a problems about that? I still remember lots of links with titles inside shared in lots of topics here. Lots of embedded content like first paragraph, images and videos + all that quotes. I think it could cause a serious copyright problems especially in case community will be forced to introduce algorithm which should automatically it.

Not sure if I well understand that, but everyone posting a link needs to ask a permission of its author even if someone want to popularize library which he/she found at GitHub or Hex, right?

Yep - I think any platform that publishes user-submitted content will. Tbh I think it’s so ridiculous that it would never become law… but then, nothing would surprise me :lol:

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Well is this EU law resembling the US one as per ?

I think it could be. Although here in the UK the ‘publisher’ has always been responsible for the content on their platform, particularly with regards to copyright infringement, illegal activities and even things like libel.

It’s unbelievable that this garbage is coming back. Some people never learn! :angry::anger: