EUROCAST 2017 - Call for papers

Hello all,

This year’s edition of the EUROCAST International Conference, held
biennially in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), features a new
workshop on “Functional concurrency and distribution”.

If you or someone you know are working on a project that could show
the EUROCAST attendance the power of functional programming, please
consider submitting a 2-page abstract before OCTOBER 31st. If there’s
a local user group in your area that wouldn’t mind receiving a copy of
this call for papers, I would be grateful if you would forward this

Details about the CFP and submission are to be found at:, and the description of the workshop
is as follows:

"The prominence of concurrent implementations and distributed
deployments of software systems in all business areas is undeniable,
and with the formulation of the ‘Internet of Things’ it is reaching
massive dimensions. At the same time, the functional paradigm is
gaining specific weight, and languages such as Erlang, Haskell,
Elixir, Scala/Akka, Clojure… are increasing their popularity
enormously. This situation provides new opportunities to evaluate the
implementation of concurrent and distributed systems at a very large
scale, and suggest new problems for the research community to solve.

We encourage submissions related to actor-model concurrency, coming
from any member of the functional programming community. We encourage
submissions with academic significance and research relevance, but
also with an industrial background, such as experience reports. We aim
attendees to engage in presentations and discussions that will expose
them to recent developments on research problems, new techniques and
tools, novel applications, and lessons from users’ experiences, as
well as common areas relevant to the practice of functional concurrent
and distributed programming."

Thanks for your time and apologies if you receive this more than once!

Laura M. Castro
Universidade da Coruña

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