EventRelay: An event streaming/storage system for the rest of us

:arrows_counterclockwise: Announcing EventRelay

EventRelay is a simple to use event storage and streaming platform. It is not production ready yet but we would love your feedback and support as we move towards that goal. You can checkout the roadmap and open an issue if you have a feature request or came across a bug.

:goal_net: Goals

  • Foster a dynamic and engaged community and ecosystem.
  • Deliver an exceptional developer experience.
  • Facilitate minimal production administration.

Use Cases :zap:

Event Streaming

EventRelay allows your applications to both publish and consume events through a GRPC API. It employs a pull-based approach to event streaming, akin to projects like Kafka.

Worker Queues

Utilize deliver once events to create worker queues via the GRPC API

Debug Log

Integrate EventRelay seamlessly into your debugging process. Just send events at the same locations where you would typically log debug information. This enables you to easily filter and search events, aiding in the resolution of issues within your application.

Metrics & Analytics

Effortlessly send events to EventRelay and define your desired metrics.

Customer Data Platform

Collect first party data and make data driven decisions.

Audit Log

Leverage EventRelay to record events every time you need to track user actions on specific resources within your system.


EventRelay includes built-in webhook support, eliminating the need to concern yourself with implementing retry logic or other complexities associated with fulfilling webhook requests.


Whether you’re implementing a notification system, a chat application, or simply updating metrics on a dashboard, EventRelay effortlessly manages all aspects of websocket communication for you.

Repo: GitHub - eventrelay/eventrelay: An event streaming/storage system for the rest of us

Elixir Client: GitHub - eventrelay/eventrelay_client_elixir: An Elixir Client Package for EventRelay

Off Broadway Producer: GitHub - eventrelay/offbroadway_eventrelay: An EventRelay Producer for Broadway

Postgres Producer: GitHub - eventrelay/eventsql: Subscribe to Postgres change events (CDC) and stream them direclty into EventRelay via WalEx