Everyelixirvideo.page – all Elixir conference videos on one page

https://everyelixirvideo.page is a small Jekyll-based static website I’m working on. It has an ambitious goal of listing all existing Elixir videos.

I have started with including videos from some of the most recent conferences related to Elixir. So far I got 480 talks from 320 speakers from 21 conferences. The scope of the project is not limited to conferences, however. I’m looking forward to finding and adding videos from local meet-ups in languages other than english.

My end goal is create a one-stop place to discover videos related to Elixir.

Currently I spend most time writing scripts to parse youtube playlists and cleaning up the data: making sure names & talk titles are spelled correctly and there are no duplicates. There issues with names and talk titles remain, however. If you spot any – please open an issue or a PR!

Near-term plans are:

  • put in links to speaker twitter/github accounts,
  • tag each video with the primary topics it covers: ecto, elixir core, phoenix, testing, library showcase, “from rails to phoenix”, “elixir in production”, otp, monitoring, etc.,
  • add rudimentary filtering capabilities,
  • make the page prettier.

Mid-term plans are:

  • add original talk abstracts,
  • include links to PDFs for presentations,
  • add historical info about conferences: when/where they was held, what was the schedule, who helped organize them.

The long-term plan is to keep the list up to date by adding more videos, provide richer info about videos, e.g. referenced links, projects, books, people, libraries, etc.

The source code is open and available at https://github.com/gmile/everyelixirvideo.page. Any help is appreciated! :bowing_man:


That’s a great resource you’ve put together!

I don’t know if you’re looking for more material, but you seem to be missing the very first ElixirConf in 2014. Those videos are available here http://confreaks.tv/events/elixirconf2014


This is awesome! :+1:

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This wiki page has many talks from Elixir’s early days (before the first Elixir Conf) and some videos from Erlang Factory conferences (now known as Code Beam).


If you want to do it with Elixir (and have some time in front of you :wink:) you can try forking CaptainFact (you’ll need frontend + api) to make it fits your needs. It has video pagination, a language filter (it fetches videos languages directly from YouTube) and tags are on their way.

It is not really meant for the usage you intend to do, but if you fell inspired feel free to get a look at https://captainfact.io/videos :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you thought about adding a community rating system or something similar? I hate using the “like” thing, but maybe a “useful” would work. Some of these presentations are incredibly good. Even better if it could be combined with the subject…some sort of “top rated videos for beginning Phoenix” category.

Just a thought…


Hi all,

Here’s a quick update on what happened to everyelixirvideo.page in the past week:

  • the total number of talks is now 511,
  • the biggest push last week was to add social accounts for speakers. Most of the speakers now have a link leading to their twitter account; for those who have no twitter account, there’s a fallback to their elixir forum account (I want to figure out how to show all social accounts without cluttering page with too much info),
  • all videos now include length and number of youtube views (number of youtube views grows very slowly and is updated manually via script, every now and then),
  • “design” (yes, in quotes :)) has been updated slightly,
  • I’ve added a few scripts that I use to clean up or parse the data,
  • lots and lots of cleanup of the data.


My next short term goals is to add a very simple contributing guide. Then I will work on tags.

P. S. There’s tons of video from Erlang Factory on their YouTube channel, it’s a real treasure trove. I’m still figuring out the best way to parse them.


Thank you, @gregvaughn! I’ve added this series of videos.

Thanks, @alco! This was very helpful. I’ve added a small handful of the oldest videos to page. I will continue adding more as time allows.

To be honest I’d like to keep the UI as minimal a possible. Captain Fact looks like useful but too big of a project. What I have in mind looks extremely simple, and I’d like to stick to this idea for a while.

Yes I have thought about it, this would make it a really nice feature. It’s not a priority though, as I’m still busy reaping the low hanging fruit: adding more and more data to the page. Contribution is welcome though! If someone lays our a plan to introduce favorites and submits it as an issue on GitHub, I’d seriously consider working on that.

Thanks for creating this resource, it holds a lot of promise! When there is an “official” discussion thread on the ElixirForum would you consider linking to it from the video? Here is an example of a very active discussion thread: 54) ElixirConf US 2018 – Closing Keynote – Chris McCord

Also that video appears to be missing from the website.


@axelson very good suggestion with links to discussions, thanks! I’ve added the links to the ElixirConf US 2018 topics. It’ll take time to update the rest of conferences.

Regarding missing Closing Keynote – nice spot. I figured my scripts only pulled first 50 videos. So I added the missed ones manually, but it seems like some are still missing: playlist size on youtube is 59, while I only see 56 in my list.


I believe that some videos were uploaded twice. See:

No 2019 videos up? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like it. You (or anyone interested) could send a PR to the repo: https://github.com/gmile/everyelixirvideo.page